Luxury Bathing Gel 17.5oz/517ml in Mint Tree

Bathing Gel 17.5oz/500ml

  • Bathing Gel 17.5oz/500ml
  • Mint Tree Luxury Bathing Gel in 17.5oz/517ml

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Luxury Bathing Gel 17.5oz/517ml in Mint Tree

Favourite. (Luci)

I've been using this for years and always had to leave my house to buy it, so when I saw it was being sold on here I was so happy. The smell is super strong and amazing, it always leaves my body full of tingles while also giving relief to my allergies so that is an added bonus.

Not just a Bathing Gel! (Anonymous)

I love this product! Not only is it a great Bathing Gel that leaves you tingly fresh, it is also great when camping. It will replace your shampoo, dish soap and cloths detergent in a pinch. We have also added it to water in a spray bottle and used it as a bug repellent and when the camping gear just needs a refresher; misting it leaves everything smelling minty fresh.

LOVE this product! (Sandi DeGeer)

This is a great product that smells amazing! A must try for sure!

Product Description

Not all lingerie comes in retail packaging, some items are in clear poly bags.

Revel in some seriously luxurious lather, skin softening oils and an intoxicating scent that relaxes body mind and soul as Mint Tree Bathing Gel transforms bath or shower into a sensual spa-like experience. Enriched with avocado, olive, jojoba, coconut and sunflower oils, Bathing Gel creates a thick rich lather that leaves skin, soft, nourished and subtly scented.

Mint Tree is fresh and invigorating, awakening senses as it lightly cools and tingles on the skin

  • Size: 17.5 oz

Product Code: 10009
UPC Code: 739122000093
ITEM: KS-000093

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